YouTube Videos (Non-Bass Performance)

FOR YouTube CONCERT PERFORMANCES with Barry Green follow link to: CONCERTS

5 tips for Auditions

Barry’s tips for acing your YouTube Symphony Audition

Interview with David Darling

Barry Green’s interview with Grammy Award winner and improvising cellist David Darling from new DVD Bringing Music to Life (publication Spring 2010-GIA publications).

Video for peace, compassion and humanity

Barry Green video for peace, compassion and humanity. 2016. Times haven’t changed or the need for this message now in 2020!

Commencement Speech from Appalacian State U. May 9 2015

Barry Green’s Commencement Speech from Appalacian State U. May 9 2015. The How and Why of Music Making. Hayes School of Music Commencement. Barry Green Keynote speaker. 25 minutes. Audio with background visuals.

2011 ISB Summer of Bass Love Convention

2011 ISB Summer of Bass Love Convention Surprise: Barry Green and Dennis Trembly with Dianne Frazer…medly of Bass concerto’s by Tony Osborne originally for 3 accordions but Dianne Frazer substituted for indisposed 3rd accordion player.

Tribute to Barry Green’s mother

A personal tribute to Barry Green’s mother on what would have been her 100th birthday.

A lot of who we are we owe to our parents and I wouldn’t be the bass player, musician, educator I am today without the love and support of my amazing parents. This is my tribute to them and a glimpse of who they are.


Crazy videos from YouTube compiled for Barry Green’s Ohio State Bass Camp 2019.

There are more coming!