Music of the Mind, Body and Spirit

Workshops based on three books by Barry Green


TITLE: The Inner Game of Music. (Doubleday, 1986) –the mind-

The Inner Game lecture-demonstration is about overcoming mental obstacles to performance, practicing and teaching through the master techniques of Awareness, Commitment and Trust. This session includes Green’s humorous signature demonstration of his distracting inner voice plus live coaching demonstrations with individuals performing. Session presents the of Inner Game concentration techniques with the audience as well as Inner Game DVD excerpts with ensembles. Green’s workshops engage the audience in lively group exercises in addition to spontaneous coaching of individuals that instantly transform a performers concentration from a place of doubt to a place of relaxed concentration.

TITLE: Bringing Music to Life (GIA, 2009) –the body–

Bringing Music to Life is an innovative imaginative methodology to bring spirit and life to music. The workshop parallels the Inner Game of music in that it teaches three master skills: Breath, Pulse and Movement that allow the performer to channel inspiration and life in music, through the body of the performer. The workshop includes live musical coaching demonstrations with groups and individuals. YouTube clips illuminate how famous jazz, hip-hop, Latin, classical and chamber music artist including Joshua Bell, Tito Puente, Oscar Petersen, Kronos String Quartet and maestro Leonard Bernstein use these master movement and breath techniques. Be prepared to model, imitate, conduct, jam, scat, move and groove as you recreate the music and bring it to life.

TITLE: Mastery of Music (Broadway, 2003) –the human spirit—

This inspiration workshop includes live PowerPoint interviews from several of the 120 great artists each famous for expressing a special gift of their unique artistry. When you are honored, hired or eulogized, it is for the unique ‘spirit’ you bring to your life’s work. Watch and hear Dave Brubeck, Joshua Bell, Bobby McFerrin, Frederico VonStade, Eddie Daniels and soul singer Nnenna Freelon share their insights to Creativity, Passion, Courage, Confidence, Tolerance, Discipline Humility, and Communication and Inspiration. This inspirational message highlights simple but unexpected pathways to mastering qualities of the human spirit that give you your unique voice.


I will bring my computer. Needs a Video projection monitor with VGA video adapter for Sony Vaio PC computer. IAlso need 1/8 stereo AUDIO (stereo) hook-up for my computer to run sound from my speaking position. It is also helpful to have controls of the audio channels from the stage where I’m speaking. If you have a portable mixer or sounds system that I can control from where I’m speaking-that works best for me.

Need to borrow a school quality string bass for all the sessions.

Need at least 3 participants for short musical excerpts (each person plays 2-3 minutes of solo piece) and is available for coaching for session on The Inner Game of Music AND Bringing Music to Life. Participants should be able to express themselves-how they felt about their performance for demonstration. It is possible I will have room for more than 3 demonstrations for I.G. and Bringing Music to Life but that will be determined at the time.


In order to present each of these three topics in lecture-demonstration, it is recommended that a minimum of 50 minutes be devoted to EACH topic. Presenting sessions on the Inner Game of Music AND/OR Bringing Music to Life, it is preferable to have 1 and a half or two hours for EACH session so there is room for individual live coaching sessions. However, this can be condensed into a 1 hour format-but this greatly limits the depth of presentation. The Mastery of Music PowerPoint session can be nicely adapted to 1 or 2 hour formats.


While I take pleasure in adapting my session lengths to the time frame allocated for each sponsoring party, it is possible to present a 1-hour overview session that includes all three topics. This session would only be recommended as an ‘introduction’ to one, two or three individual follow up sessions, when the topics can be more adequately presented.