Barry’s solo concerts have always represented an eclectic approach to the double bass with less emphasis to the traditional bass repertoire in favor of thematic programs of unique social and entertainment interest for a public audience of all ages. As the first bassist to play the Dvorak Cello Concerto on the double bass while a student at Indiana University, Green’s early solo career was devoted to the commission, recording and performance of many new works for the double bass. In the 70’s ad 80’s Greens popular Green Machine concert series included zany appearances in a space suit and a soft double bass case while riding on a live Elephant and then playing the Elephant’s Gavotte as the Cincinnati Zoo’s ‘Mai Tai’ danced on the CCM Corbett Auditorium stage.

Zoo picture

Green’s programs evolved over the years to include the solo bass for the purpose of showcasing social and cultural welfare. Living in San Diego, Barry organized a unique concert series with folk  dance, voice and instruments in a series called: One Music, One World.  His programs would showcase the music of two contrasting cultures like Irish and Spanish or North and South America while sharing an powerful emotional message of unity and joy.

As an avid collaborator with other musicians at bass camps and festivals, Green has had the honor to share the stage in duo and small ensemble partnerships with such colleagues as: Francois Rabbath, Milton Hinton, John Clayton, Andres Martin, David Murray, Esra Gul, Volkan Orhon, Eric Hanen, Joel Quarrington, Eric Hansen, Simon Garcia, Tracy Rowell, Diego Zecharias, Kristin Korb, Hans Sturm, Donovan Stokes, Aaron Olguin, Paul Ellison, Catalin Rotaru and Diana Gannett.

Green was the first double bassists to solo with the Cincinnati Symphony in the premier of Frank Proto’s Bass Concerto, Proto’s Double Concerto for Violin and Bass as well as Jon Deaks Jack and the Beanstock Concerto.

with Contra Costa Chamber Orchestra
With Cow

His other orchestra and wind ensemble solo appearance have included the music of: Reinhold Gliere, Richard Rodney Bennett, Paul Ramsier, Jon Deak, Max Bruch, Ernest Bloch, Francois Rabbath, and numerous recent performances of Anna’s Gift and Anna’s Promise by Andres Martin for solo bass, narrator and visuals for Wind Ensemble and Orchestra.

Barry would be delighted to design a program where he shares the sights and sounds of the double bass in any public setting including school concerts, lunchtime matinees, house concerts, formal evening recitals, music series for chamber music, orchestra,  or wind ensembles, guest residencies at schools or conferences, religious services, memorial services,  hospital visits, or celebrations of life.

THE ANNA’S PROJECT: A summary of the 3 multi-media productions

The ANNA’S PROJECT: Anna’s Way, Anna’s Gift and Anna’s Promise with music by Andres Martin, Text Alan Scofield, for solo bass with narration and background visuals. Barry’s wife, Mary Tarbell-Green has narrated most of the Anna’s three episodes with performances in English. There have been performances in Spanish, and Dutch with several International performances in Holland, France, Spain, Mexico, Australia, Singapor, Turkey and Prague. All three episodes have arrangements for a small combo of bass, piano, percussion and a wind player. The 2nd and 3rd Episodes of Anna’s Gift and Promise are also orchestrated for Wind Ensemble and Chamber Orchestra. 

The Three stories follow the journey of a female bass player in three stages of her life in pursuit of musical artistry. In the first story of Anna’s Way, she is a frustrated 15 year old musician who is saved from quitting music by her grandfather’s Tai Chi teacher Master Chen. He inspires her to artistry with his inspirational approach to music. In the 2d episode of Anna’s Gift, she is a 25 year old successful touring artist returning to her Master Chen for another lesson because she has a “full suitcase but an empty heart”. Master Chen introduces Anna to how the celebrated cellist Pablo Cassals teaches passion and love in music. In the final episode, Anna fulfills a promise of gratitude to her master Chen by agreeing to pass along the lessons he has taught Anna’. With Master Chen’s passing, Anna has taken his place sharing his teachings about the joy and love of music to future generations.

Anna's Way

Anna’s Way is a forty-five minute musical journey into the world of a teenage bass prodigy who is frustrated with practicing, rehearsals, concerts and competitions. Then she rediscovers the joy of music after lessons with Tai Chi Master Chen.

Alan Scofields moving story offers a creative approach to how we listen to, learn and play music. This transformational journey is set to music from China, India, Africa, Brazil, Israel, and America by Tony Osborne, Francois Rabbath, Arvo Part, Astor Piazzolla, Emily Brown, Mary Knysh, Larry Dunlap, Frank Proto and Andres Martin.

This inspirational story features Zen principals that unleash the highest levels of artistry from musicians, actors, singers and dancers. Less is more. The key to playing fast is in mastering how to play one note. Singing, dancing, drumming brings out the inner child and joy of music.

A walk in the woods, a pebble in the stream, the mountains and trees, the silence of nature and our own breath hold the keys to the magic in music. Zen mindfulness guides Anna to learn for herself the artist’s way bringing Eastern thought and Western music into perfect harmony.

Anna’s Way Musical Highlights

Live musical highlights from La Coruna Spain, Galicia Graves 2014 festival organized by Simon Garcia. Eight minute excerpt from 50 minute production including scrolling narrative, background visuals with Barry Green bass, Marina Pacowski piano, Miguel Paz. percussion, and Victoria Alvarez. Inspiring coming of age story of young frustrated female bass protege learning inspiration and artistry from Tai Chi Master Chen.

Anna’s Way Promo

Anna’s Way for bass (Barry Green), Narration here by Mary Tarbell-Green, Various performances by Green..Music by Tony Osborne, Frank Proto, Arvo Part, Piazzolla, and others.

Anna's Gift

Anna’s Gift, the Way of Passion, is the second episode of the emotional journey of a gifted concert bassist who is longing for love and fire in her music and her life. The fifty-five minute story written for solo bass, concert band (also a small combo version), narrator and background visuals takes place ten years after Anna was inspired to become an artist from her studies with retired Tai Chi Master Chen.

This independent story follows Anna’s journey to find passion after Master Chen takes Anna to see a museum exhibit by the legendary cellist, Pablo Casals. The great cellist said: You cannot find passion in music by itself. You find passion from three kinds of LOVE…love of People, Love of Nature, and Love of Artistic Masterpieces.

Anna’s embarks on a concert tour of South America in pursuit of her dreams. Alan Scofield’s second story of Anna’s journey is brought to life through the brilliant musical score of Argentine bassist-composer Andres Martin.

Anna’s Gift: Story Highlights

Anna’s Gift, the Way of Passion, is the story of Anna, a young concert bass player who is missing passion in her life and music. Her inspirational teacher, Tai Chi Master Chen, takes her to a museum exhibit of the great cellist Pablo Cassals who shares the secrets of passion in life and music.

Anna's Gift: 4 minute Trailer

Andres Martin, Barry Green UNT Wind Ensemble

Music by Andres Martin, Story by Alan Scofield, Concept by Barry Green. Mary Tarbell-Green narration. Conducted by Eugene Megliaro Corporon. Live concert Feb 26, 2015.

Anna’s Gift: Musical Highlights

Andres Martin, Barry Green UNT Wind Ensemble

The 2nd of Anna’s Episodes..this 7 1/2 minute video highlights the powerful Symphonic Band Ensemble tutti pieces with scrolling text highlights. Music by Andres Martin with live acoustic bass playing from the composer. Future performances with Barry Green bassist at Story by Alan Scofield

Anna’s Gift: Complete Performance

Music by Andres Martin, UNT Wind Ensemble with Eugene Corporon. Anna’s Gift: The Way of Passion (2014) …….. Andrés Martín (b. 1981) Barry Green, double bass Mary Tarbell-Green, narrator UNT Wind Symphony Eugene Migliaro Corporon, conductor Opening Overture – Travel to Switzerland to see Tai Chi Master Chen Museum Scene – Pablo Casals Exhibit (love of people, beauty in nature, artistic masterpieces) Romantic Duets Travel to Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina Piazzolla Tango Buenos Aires, Argentina Club – Seduction Scene Trip to the Rain Forest and Iguazu Water Falls Confrontation – Rodrigo’s Father’s Big Band Años Dorados Lesson with Alejandro Mateo, Rodrigo’s father Television Concert with Big Band and Anna Anna’s Return to Switzerland – Anna’s Gift from Master Chen Recorded Live, February 26th, 2015 Winspear Hall, College of Music University of North Texas

Anna’s Gift World Premiere

Live concert performance with the community Walnut Creek Concert Band, Dec 7 2014. Commissioned and conducted by Harvey Benstein.

Complete program 1:45 minutes.

The Walnut Creek Concert Band performed their holiday concert at the Lesher Center for The Arts on December 2nd, 2014 featuring guest artist Barry Green with the world premiere of Anna’s Gift

Anna's Promise

Anna’s Promise, episode three, is the story of Anna fulfilling the commitment she made to her late Tai Chi Master Chen. Now musicians, actors, dancers are clamoring to study with Anna’s as she shares the lessons she learned from her great teacher and their teachers. She begins a guest residency at the Leonard Bernstein Academy of Music. Here Anna will visit the orchestra, the jazz band, and mentor the faculty passing on the lessons from her teachers to the future generations. She will share lessons of musical expression, of how to bring personal feelings into performances and how to play by listening to others. Her residency includes meeting a special clarinet colleague who invites her to join him on a concert tour in the Grand Canyon. It’s in these canyon walls and on the banks of the Colorado River where Anna is engulfed by millions of years of evolution. As Anna plays her bass in this special valley, she feels the spirit of Master Chen, and his teachers. The Grand Canyon represents the beauties in nature that exists in all corners of the world: in a flower, a stream, a lake or valley. While we are only on earth for a short time, we must accept the responsibility of preserving and sharing music, art, culture and nature for future generations. It’s a sacred trust. It’s a sacred promise.

This independent story follows Anna’s journey to find passion after Master Chen takes Anna to see a museum exhibit by the legendary cellist, Pablo Casals. The great cellist said: You cannot find passion in music by itself. You find passion from three kinds of LOVE…love of People, Love of Nature, and Love of Artistic Masterpieces.

Anna’s embarks on a concert tour of South America in pursuit of her dreams. Alan Scofield’s second story of Anna’s journey is brought to life through the brilliant musical score of Argentine bassist-composer Andres Martin.


Anna’s Promise was commissioned through a collaborative fundraising project in cooperation with Lemur Music and the Bradetich Foundation. With generous support from D’Addario Strings, Kolstein and Son’s, plus merchant support from bass makers including The Bass Cellar, Shar, The Guaraneri House, Robertson’s and Sons, Shank, Kansas City Strings, and GIA Publications, over 34 bassist colleagues from around the world supported Anna’s Promise Suite,  combo and solo performances in their own communities. In addition, there were two performances of Anna’s Promise at both the European International Convention in Prague and the International Society of Bassists Convention in Ithaca New York engaging Barry and sixteen International soloists each sharing a movement from the Anna’s Promise.

Anna’s Promise 8 minute Trailer

8 Minute Trailer with US Army Orchestra Wash DC. TUSAB

Barry Green with music by Andres Martin:

Music by Andres Martin, Story by Alan Scofield, Concept and bass soloist Barry Green, Mary Tabell-Green narrator…The US Army Orchestra conducted by Commander and Colonel Timothy Holtan

Anna’s Promise

2 ½ minute short Trailer> TUSAB with Barry Green, Mary Tarbell-Green, music by Andres Martin, Text by Alan Scofield, conducted by Timothy Holton.

Anna’s Promise

Promotional Video to raise funds for the project with Jeff Bradetich and soloists from around the world. Music by Andres Martin, Story by Alan Scofield, Concept by Barry Green…for private use only at this time.

Anna’s Promise Suite for bass and Piano

Anna’s Promise Suite for bass and Piano by Andres Martin:

This 5 movement 25 minute Suite from Anna’s Promise 55 mult-media production with narration, orchestra, and background visuals includes only Andres Martin’s music for bass and piano. Movements: Overture, Love Song,Latin Lament, and Funk with pianists Paul Kenyon and Michael McGushin from October 2017 premiere performances with Barry Green Bassists in Santa Cruz, CA and Tijuana Mexico

Anna’s Promise

Anna’s Promise: Complete Performance SUNY with Barry Green and Mary Tarbell-Green.

Performed November 14, 2019 at Potsdam, NY •
Crane Symphony Orchestra, Ching-Chun Lai, director •Barry Green, double bass •
Mary Tarbell-Green, narrator •

Anna’s Promise – Andrés Martín (b. 1981)
1 Overture 2 Rose Bowl Flea Market 3 Bernstein Academy of Music 4 Anna’s Love Song
5 Latin Medley 6 Lament 7 Jazz Funk 8 Frustration 9 Alesi Deo 10 Grand Canyon

PDF of printed program:

NEW CONCERT Program 2021:
From Russia With Love

58 minute multimedia concert with live solo bass and piano, continuous background visuals including movies with native Russian narrators.  Gossip, politics, hobbies, trivia, history and great music from nine great Russian romantic composers.  Ideal for house concerts, formal concerts, music schools, music appreciation classes, musc history bass conferences, symposiums, concert series, clubs, camps and events.

This independent story follows Anna’s journey to find passion after Master Chen takes Anna to see a museum exhibit by the legendary cellist, Pablo Casals. The great cellist said: You cannot find passion in music by itself. You find passion from three kinds of LOVE…love of People, Love of Nature, and Love of Artistic Masterpieces.

Anna’s embarks on a concert tour of South America in pursuit of her dreams. Alan Scofield’s second story of Anna’s journey is brought to life through the brilliant musical score of Argentine bassist-composer Andres Martin.

From Russia with Love - Barry Green
Comments from recent audiences:

What a wonderful concert! It’s been running through my head all evening…
Entertaining, informative, fun- you had them all!   

An amazing and memorable musical experience.
I loved it
!   –Morita

The show was spectacular. I enjoyed every aspect of it! I couldn’t believe how well the music was coordinated with the dance videos. You had just the right amount of history and the music choices were wonderfully varied.     –Jane

The native Russian narrators really made the experience come alive. They were fantastic!   –Jim

3½ Minute Promo Video of From Russia with Love:

9 Minute Trailer of excerpts from 58 minute production: From Russia With Love

Barry continues to perform all three Anna’s episodes in numerous performances in the USA and abroad. The Anna’s project represents a merging of Green’s dedication to playing the double bass and his passion for exploring topics of mind, body and spirit that are also echoed in his three books: The Inner Game of Music, The Mastery of Music and Bringing Music to Life.  

Concert Videos

Bloch Prayer for Bass and Piano

Bloch Prayer for Bass and Piano with Barry Green and Dianne Frazer from
Performed in Wroclaw Poland, 20089

Cri of Venice: Francois Rabbath Performed by Barry Green

This performance from Hamline University in Minneapolis Minnesota, sponsored by the Minneapolis Bass Club. The Cry of Venice is a protest to the politicians in Italy to save the city from the flood waters that could destroy Venice. Artist have a responsibility to speak out on the issues of humanity, and saving our cities, the planet and our brothers. This is an artistic statement from Francois Rabbath to raise this awareness.

A Broken Heart; In Memory of Tony Osborne

A Broken Heart; In Memory of Tony Osborne: Written by Simon Garcia.

This beautiful piece of music was written on the unexpected passing of our dear friend, colleague, composer/bassist Tony Osborne. Tony has written SOOOO much music for double bass published by David Heyes and Recital Music. This first live performance by Barry Green took place October 25th at Temple Beth Adam in Cincinnati at the one year anniversary of the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre.

Freilach for bass and piano

Tony Osborne Freilach for bass and piano commissioned by Barry Green and played by Barry and Dianne Frazer in Poland 2008.

It Takes Two

It Takes Two: Duet with Andres Martin. With Barry Green and Andres Martin.

This world premier was presented at the 2013 ISB Convention in Rochester, NY. Composed by Timothy Goplerud

Intrada Duet

Intrada Duet with Volkan Orhon from 2012. First movement of 3 movement duet

Jazzy Feel.

Romanze performed by Barry Green and Volkan Orhon

Romanza for 2 Basses

This live performance is from 2012 Iowa Bass Day at U. of Iowa with Volkan Orhon and Barry Green. Visuals were added by Barry Green and performed at his new concert series in San Diego: Bridging Gaps: One Music-One World and at Bass2012 Copenhagen, and in Istanbul Turkey with Esra Gul.


Tony Ostobne Scherzo with Barry Green and David Murray:Performed 2008 at

Polish Bass Festival organized by Irena Olkiewicz

Quartet Bassos Paraquayos

Tony Osborne Quartet Bassos Paraquayos Performed in Poland 2008

Exciting quartet with Barry Green and colleagues from Wroclaw International Workshop: Rotaru Catalin, Hans Sturm and ISB and Poland competition winner Gunars Upatniek.

Nessun Dorma

Nessun Dorma arranged by David Heyes 8 great bass players from Bass 2012 Copenhagen International Bass Convention. Performed at the Opera House with bassists: David Murray, Andres Martin, Barry Green, Esra Gul, (Esra student TBA), Eric Hansen, Emily Brown and Kristin Korb! Gottfried Engels conducting


Francois Reitba by Francois Rabbath: Barry Green bassist with strings from Sarajevo, Bosnia arranged by Andres Martin: Dec 13, 2015 Sarajevo, Bosnia, 5th International Festival, Music on the String directed by Violeta Smailovic-Huart. Army Hall.


Oblivion: Arranged as duet by Andres Martin with Barry Green and Andres Martin Bassists

Joanna Pierchala and Stathis Kanios dancers at Bass 2012 Copenhagen. Barry Green and Andres Martin playing Andres Martin’s arrangement with piano.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit: For bass and Soprano by Tony Osborne

Green Stuff

Green Stuff by Tony Osborne written for Barry Green bass and son Adam Green on Marmimba

(US Air Force Band Wash DC). Live performance from George Mason University recital: Barry Green on bass with son Adam Green on Marimba: Green stuff written for the Greens. 3 movements, Bass Ball, Chi Flow and Freeway. Hard stuff but fun music

Irish Charm

Irish Charm: Written by Tony Osborne for Barry Green:

Irish Music in spirit ending with Danny Boy written and arranged by the amazing Tony Osborne for Barry Green’s Bridging Gaps Concerts Feb 10, 2013 in San Diego. Bass, Keyboard and Tin Whistle (David used 3 whistles in different keys to play this piece).

Glasgow Reel

Glasgow Reel arranged by Andres Martin with Barry Green and Andres Martin Bassists. Feb 2013. San Diego. CA, From Bridging Gaps Concert in San Diego Fe 10, 2013 with Barry Green and Andres Martin bassists, Paul Kenyon Keyboard, Mark Lamson Percussion and David Burnett flute. Irish Dancers from the Clan Rince School of Dance include Allison Cleg, Fernanda Sanchez, Reilly and Tyler Graupp choreographed by their teacher Alisa Garbor Bosch