The Inner Game of Music

The Inner Game of music is that which takes place in the mind, played against such elusive opponents as nervousness, self doubt, and fear of failure. Using the same principles of “natural learning” Timothy Gallwey developed so successfully for tennis, golf and skiing and applying them to his own field, noted musician Barry Green shows how to acknowledge and overcome these internal obstacles in order to bring a new quality to the experience and learning of music. And for those who don’t play an instrument but who feel their appreciation of music will be enhanced if they understand more about the process of playing, this book is Ideal.

In precise, easy to understand language, Green and Gallwey explain how natural skills can be nurtured and enhanced, and through a series of special exercises they demonstrate the ways in which musicians can achieve exact intonation, artistic phrasing, and improved technique.

There are also chapters on ensemble playing, improvisation, composition and creativity, and listening skills – an essential part of the Inner Game – are discussed throughout.

A methodology with a proven track record, The Inner Game of Music will be invaluable to anyone seriously interested in music, whether professional or amateur, composer,performer, or simply an appreciative listener.

The Mastery of Music

The Mastery of Music book cover

A private lesson with the masters: The groundbreaking co-author of The Inner Game of Music (more than 120,000 copies in print) reveals ten qualities shared by the world’s most successful musicians, from Leonard Bernstein to Bobby McFerrin.

The Inner Game of Music taught thousands of musicians–professionals and amateurs alike–how to overcome self-consciousness and stage-fright, and helped them recapture a youthful, almost effortless, capacity to learn. Now, in The Mastery of Music, Barry Green turns his expert hand to the artistic qualities that make a true musician. The Mastery of Music culls advice from dozens of interviews with legends including Joshua Bell, Doc Severinsen, Dave Brubeck, the Harlem Boys Choir, and the Kronos Quartet. As bassist Barry Green discovered in these dialogues, it’s not enough to have a cerebral and emotional connection to the notes; musical excellence requires an additional set of traits.

Exploring ten characteristics such as confidence, creativity, and relaxed concentration, The Mastery of Music discusses specific ways in which all musicians, composers, and conductors can take their skills to higher levels. Green carefully incorporates all instruments and techniques in his rejuvenating discussions, inspiring instrumentalists and music loves of all ages from amateurs to professionals to have fun again and to rediscover the joy of passionate expression. Essential reading for every musician, The Mastery of Music strikes a beautiful new chord.

Bringing Music to Life

Bringing Music to Life

World-class bassist and best-selling author Barry Green has spent his life learning and showing others how to bring music to life. In this innovative, imaginative text he shares what he has discovered since his groundbreaking book, The Inner Game of Music, inspired over 250,000 musicians to reach their potential in performance and learning.

Three distinct sections delve deeply into the methodology, techniques, and inspiration required to energize and enliven music making for amateurs and professionals alike. Green reaches inside to recount life-changing experiences and outside to friends and fellow musicians who have discovered how to create joy and excitement in performance.

The Popular Bass Method

The Popular Bass Method

Some early comments from the NEW POPULAR BASS METHOD

From David Walter, Professor of Bass Juilliard School of Music:

“The books are a major contribution to our methodology!! The clarity of your presentation through the fine illustrations and pleasant music offers a warm invitation to young bassists. In effect you are saying ‘Bass can be easy and can be fun’. I heartily recommend your and Jeff Neighbor’s excellent ‘vade mecum’ and predict an enormous growth in our bassists populations thanks to YOUR efforts!”

From Tod Coolman, jazz bassist:

“Let me say that they are thoughtful and, in my opinion, innovative. It is a great service for you to dismantle the following traditional barriers:

  • Jazz/Popular/Folk/Classical. I am glad to see the focus here on the mastery of the instrument-on becoming the most proficient bassist we can, regardless of idiom
  • Repertoire- Yes…. give us some beautiful music and nice tunes to practice so we can enjoy the aesthetic nature of what we are producing. Bravo!
  • Defeats the upper register “taboos.” I love the way you get us into upper positions pronto- thus demystifying them and not setting up the usual mental block of “we’ll get to that later…it’s really the hard stuff.” I am excited by these works, they are a much needed and long overdue addition to the pedagogical literature, and I take my hat off to you.

To your continued success,

Todd Coolman

Advanced Techniques of Double Bass Playing

About Barry Green’s Advanced Techniques of Double Bass Playing….”It is very important that the bassist, composer, or conductor completely understand the scope of this book. Advanced Techniques does not preclude many of the fine established methods of study. It must be assumed that the bassist already has a disciplined technical knowledge of the instrument before undertaking the present study.”…..Barry Green

This is a very thorough method book that covers all aspects of playing the bass.

1. Sound Production
2. Off the String Technique
3. Bow Directions
4. Principles of Movement
5. Analytical Practicing
6. Notation
7. Harmonics
8. Contemporary Techniques
9. Non- Playing Information
10. Old Basses and their Makers

Inner Game of Music Workbook Series

Inner Game of Music Workbook Series by Barry Green with collaborating colleagues published by GIA @

Solo Workbooks for individuals for VOICE, KEYBOARD, Individual INSTRMENTS in C, F, Bb or Eb.

Ensemble Workbooks for Band, Small Ensembles, Orchestra