The Art of the Note

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart has been quoted as saying, “The music is not just in the notes, but in the silence between.” Here’s the full quote in its original, as it was attributed to Mozart by several sources—unfortunately, none of them by giving an exact source: “Stille ist sehr wichtig. Die Stille zwischen den Noten ist genauso wichtig wie die Noten selbst.” Translation: “Silence is very important. The silence between the notes is as important as the notes themselves.”

From Good to Great? Green’s Chair Factor!

How do you compare professional orchestras? Budgets? Maestros? Management? Players’ salaries? The percent of great concerts, reputations? I suggest looking at energy and posture! I like to count the number of violin and viola players who are leaning back in their chairs as opposed to those with shoulders not touching the backs of their chairs.

Good Competition v.s. Bad Competition

Competition can be inspiring, and it can also be an alarming distraction. I believe good competition is the kind of competition that promotes your best concentration, your best potential, and the best version of what you have to offer the music world.

Seven Pathways to accompany your Journey

Professional musicians, including classical performers, free-lance musicians, teachers, or workers in associate fields of music (including sales, recording, technology, composition) face new challenges in a post-pandemic world.

Niagara Falls Review

After blowing balloons, 200 music teachers.were left with the task of popping them “which, after failed attempts at what appeared to be the easiest method, some turned to the unorthodox...

Symphony Magazine 1990

Barry Green likes to play games-games of music, games of sport, games of the mind-and though his most artful talent may be for the double bass,

American Music Teacher 1988

Have you ever attempted to gain control of your car while it was skidding on an ice- or snow-covered street? Sliding to the right, instinct tells you to slam on the brakes and turn to the left.

Music Alive! Suzuki World

The gift of youth is that children love to play. When teaching young children music, they naturally respond to song, dance, and rhythms that allow them to communicate their experience with their bodies and instruments.

Bringing Heart, Soul and Stomp into the H.S. Band and Orchestra

What’s the difference between a good High School band or orchestra and the current U-tube internet sensation: The Venezuelan Youth Orchestra conducted by Simon Bolivar? BTW, this 26-year old maestro is the music director designate of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra?

Music Alive! Keys to the Heart and Soul

By Barry Green for Bass Play Magazine Where does music come from? What inspires it and how can we communicate this inspiration in a performance? The way we answer these questions might seriously affect the way we play.

Why We Make Music

Is the performance and teaching of music still bringing you joy? Is music feeding your soul? Are you communicating inspiration to your students? Do you feel the pressure of competition; of being an award-winning teacher or having your students succeed to the next level?

A Master Class with
Barry Green

“I don’t want to say I’m on a crusade for the bass,” says Barry Green. “l’m more on a crusade as a musician, saying something everybody wants to hear. The bass just happens to be my voice.” If Green, a virtuoso soloist and world renowned educator,is not the Knight Templarof acoustic, he may be the conquering Hannibal. After all, he did once take the stage astride an elephant.

Heart and Soul and Stomp!

In May of 2007, an exciting new three-movement work called Heart Soul and Stomp was written by world famous composer Allaudin Mathieu (The Listening Book, Harmonic Experience), based on improvisation concepts that I learned at David Darling’s

The best books on music inspiration

I hope to inspire artists of all disciplines, that our performances come from our hearts and souls and not the technical form of dance, music, or words. Performers express feelings and use this gift to spread inspiration and joy to the world.

AUSTA Bassersize

Are you a bass player, string teacher, bass teacher, student, amateur, or professional? I love teaching the bass. But for me, the joy of teaching is in the journey. I love being present during growth, illumination, and inspiration. It’s easy to be obsessed with technique and forget that making music is really about expressing energy and feelings with the international language of music.

The Inner Game of Music

Tennis professional Timothy Gallwey developed a method of mental exercises, known as the inner game, as a result of his observing how the best coaches worked, how his coaching style sometimes helped or hindered those he taught